IEC Import Code

Export and Import of goods and services both are important factors contributing in the development of the economy of every country. There are certain restriction on the import and export of the goods and services and most important is obtaining IEC Import Export Code. Whether it is company or Individual nobody is allowed import of goods and services without obtaining certificate. For this purpose certain important documents are also required such as-:

  • • Aayaat Niryaat Form, which is one of the most important document
  • • Copy of the PAN Card
  • • Bank's Certificate and 2 photos of the Director preferring the application should be certified and duly signed by the banker with the name and designation of the banker issuing the certificate. It is also required that the official stamp of the bank should be affixed on to the certificate
  • • Essential Fee
  • • Duly signed and attested copy of the Memorandum of Association and Article of Association of the Company in Duplicate
  • • Another important and essential document is the Authority Letter with photograph and the signatures of the person authorized to submit the application and it should be attested by the director authorized by the company to file an application for IEC Code No.
  • • List of the Director's with a copy of passport and certified copy of board resolution, approving the referred person to sign the application on behalf of the company, and self addressed envelope
  • • Address proof of the registered office of the company.
  • • Address proof of all the units, in case of number of units

Apart from all the above mentioned points one has to file an application which is required to send to the joint Director General Foreign Trade. If required, one can take the help of professional service providers also in order to obtain IEC import Code. Different online service provider of IEC import code is also available in the market.