Trademark Infringement

Trademark Infringement is an act of illegitimate that violates the rules as owned by trademark owner. In corporate sector, trademark infringement is one of the most common illegal acts that usually carried to copy or harm the other party's trademark. As there are many rights that have been enjoyed by the trademark owner get illegitimate under the trademark infringement. In most of the time, the trademark infringes when one uses the trademark which is already being registered by the third party. Thus, before designing the trademark or while trademark search, it is very important to get an idea about already registered trademarks in order get apart from trademark infringement.

Trademark Infringement Law

Trademark infringement law is basically designed for supporting the trademark owner while protecting its rights. There are two types of trademark infringement law; an action for passing off and an action for infringement.

An action for passing off is worked under the situation of registered trademark. This type of trademark infringement law is a common law right granted to the trademark owner. In this case of a passing off action, the deceptive of trademark is not enough; one should provide the fair proof how the infringement trademark cause harm to once goodwill and reputation the corporate market.

In an action for infringement case, the situation is quite typical where it works for an unregistered trademark. This type of trademark infringement law usually occurs under the statutory remedy. The deceptive of trademark is essential for infringement to take place. Here, one needs not to give any further proof as in case of passing off action. This law of trademark infringement will provide the awareness of infringement of trademark at the regular interval of time.

In both cases of trademark infringement law, the concept is to protect the rights of trademark holders while defending their trademark from being getting copies or misuse. Now, It is no longer difficult to sue against the trademark infringement, here Vishwas Associates with dedicate team of attorneys offer services in all respect of legal matters. Thus, if your trademark gets copied or misuse by any of the third party, just contact us in order to have complete justice.