Trademark Logo

The word logo or device has various meanings. In the normal sense it includes pictorial representation of any object or thing. Pictorial representations of objects like animals, building, signs & so on. Many kinds of logos are capable of distinguishing goods of one person from those of other if they have no reference to the character or quality of goods in question. For trademark purposes logo must contain some striking feature which will enable the customers to remember the logo and identify the goods bearing the mark. In any case the logo must satisfy the criteria of distinguishing the goods of one applicant from those of the others. If a word is also used along with logo & if it is suspected that the object of the application is to get monopoly of the word of which the applicant is not entitled under cover of registration of device, the registration may be refused.

Trademark Logo Registration

A trademark logo is registered in the same manner as any other form of Trademark. It is to be noted that a trademark logo has to be applied separately for registration to claim priority. If it is applied with a name, word, sign or any other form it will be registered as a whole and the logo individually will not get any protection under Trademarks Act. For e.g. in case if the logo is applied with any other mark, the person applying the same cannot get exclusive right over logo if it gets infringed, he will have exclusive right over the complete trademark as a whole. Thus it is extremely intrinsic to apply a logo separately to claim proper right. At www.Vishwas each and every aspect concerning Trademark logo registration is looked after in a prompt and effective manner.